Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple-

We are elected to serve as leaders may we lead as servants.

11 Commandments for the Public Servant

  1. The taxpayer is the most important person in the community.
  2. The taxpayer is not dependent upon us; we are dependent upon them.
  3. The taxpayer is not an interruption of work. They are the purpose of our work.
  4. The taxpayer does us a favor when they call or visit our office. We are serving their needs when they visit.
  5. The taxpayer is a part of our work, not an outsider.
  6. The taxpayer is not a cold statistic; they are flesh and blood. They are a human being with feelings and emotions just like us.
  7. The taxpayer is not someone to argue with, match wits with or ridicule.
  8. The taxpayer is a person who brings you their wants and it is our job to fill those wants.
  9. The taxpayer is deserving of the most courteous and attentive treatment we can offer.
  10. The taxpayer is the person who makes it possible for our salary to be paid.
  11. The taxpayer is the vital part of government and every division thereof.